Misuse of the Internet

I waste a great deal of time on the internet.  I justify it by saying that I spend most of that time reading (true), so it's educational (define educational). I must be honest, however.  I spend a great deal of time reading blogs about the Gosselin family from Jon and Kate Plus 8.  Actually, most of the stuff I read is about how a bunch of women decided Kate was evil and doesn't deserve to have a) money b) kids c) fame d) happiness e) a public career f) cute clothes g) a nice body h) any one to like her, ever.

I read it because I just don't get the hate.  I mean, yeah, she's not a super nice person.  Newsflash! Most people aren't. And yeah, she got lots of money to let a TV crew film her kids.  Well, her husband was there and he said yes too, but no one blames him for it.  And if some one offered us cold, hard cash to film us, I'd get a lawyer and sign up.  Hey, my kid is cute and money is money.  I don't think playing around while people film you is devastating to a kids' life.  Plus, kids cost money.  A lot of money.  You think I work in a grocery store for the sheer joy of it? Well, actually, I love my job, but part of the love comes from the fact that it pays reasonably well.  And I'm planning to negotiate a raise in a few months.

Kate's going to be on Dancing With the Stars and I say good for her.  Her deadbeat husband doesn't have a job and that show pays nicely.  Seriously, $100,000 just to be on?  That's a few weeks on training and one episode.  My kid would deal with me being gone for that kind of cash and I find it hard to believe that others don't feel the same way.  Now, I certainly don't think that money is everything and we try to live a frugal life.  However, living a frugal life means making smart financial choices and if being away for a few weeks nets you a year or more of income (that would be more than my and my husband's income combined), then it is a smart move.

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