I hate writing titles

I don't know what my blogging voice is.  I thought I would pick a topic and write on it, like parenting or health.  The problem is, I do a lot of things and a lot of stuff happens to me (okay, not really) and I like to talk about a bunch of different stuff.  So I don't know what I'm trying to say with my blog, but so far no one is reading, so it's okay.

In other news:

I did get my haircut and after the first day of insecurity, I adore it.  It's cute, easy to style and it's much more versatile than I thought short hair would be. I keep flipping it around like a dork. 

The potty training thing stalled out.  She was so not into it.  She's started talking about going potty, so I think in a week when Mr. TWoP has some time off, we'll try again.

It snowed last night.  I hate snow.

Confession: I am watching 7th Heaven right now.  I'm that cool.

Pajiba Big Love Recap

Season 4 Episode 4

Otherwise known as the episode where I hate Bill.  A lot.

An Example of My Day

I walked in the door from the gym and my 2.5 year old greeted me with a loud, 'GO AWAY, MOMMY! I PLAY WITH DADDY!'  And my first thought was 'Sweet, I'll be in bed playing on the computer.' 


I totally figured out how to change the font size in my new template.  I am a blogging genius! I deserve a cookie.

In the Mirror

It turns out that in my head I look (feel) completely different than pictures show.  I forget that I have a birth defect, I forget that I have all the extra skin on my neck, to me, I look totally normal.  Hell, to be honest, after losing all the weight, I feel great about myself. 

It normally doesn't occur to me to worry about it, but I've been thinking about cutting my hair.  It's not super long, just about 3 inches past my shoulders, but I'd like to cut it to hit my shoulders.  When I started thinking about it, the first thing I thought of was how it would look.  And not in the normal, 'Will this look cute on me?' way, but in a 'Will this camouflage my neck enough?'  And it's really bothering me that I thought that.

I went to see a cosmetic surgeon in October.  I wanted to know if he could fix it.  If I could look normal.  He told me that for $15,000 and probably three surgeries, he could give me 'a minimal difference that only I would notice'.  Well, damn.  I figured that was that, you know?  It wasn't feasible, I should be over it, right?  I had all the confirmation I needed that it wasn't going to change for me and I could accept my body the way it was. 

I thought I had, but just thinking about cutting my hair has brought it all back.  I want to have short hair, I want to enjoy the freedom of not like a particular shirt more because it covers my neck.  I want to wear tank tops without being self-conscious.  I want to see in pictures what I see in the mirror.

Blog Upgrades

Turns out that lots of people have lots of free time and talent and make blog templates so you don't have to be stuck with a blog that screams 'Blogger!' Of course, I don't these people to feel as thought their work is unappreciated, so I grabbed up a new template.  What do the (non-existant) people who read my blog think?