I am so tired I am cleaning the house in shifts.  I can get one thing done, like cleaning the counters and then I have to take a break.  I'm drinking two chai's a day just for the caffeine boost.  I have to stop it after three so I can sleep, but I swear by five I am beat.  The Armour thyroid is supposed to help with the exhaustion, but when I am this tired I have little faith. 

Armour Thyroid

is the name of my new meds that came in the mail today.  I can't start them until tomorrow, which is kind of annoying.  It's a first thing in the morning thing, I guess.  I'm more excited than I thought I would be.  I hope it works out okay.  I worry that it won't help or that I have too big of expectations.  Maybe I am just the kind of person that is meant to be tired and grumpy a lot.  And maybe I'll just have to get used to doing things like putting the yogurt in the cupboard without realizing it.   Maybe, but I hope not.

What's Up Doc?

Well, I went to the doctor again today.  I actually saw Dr. A instead of his PA.  I got to go down the list of stupid things that are wrong with me (and thanks for that morale booster!) and he asked a few questions and took about a million notes.  (He's very thorough.)

Now I am on a thyroid supplement.  My apparent diagnosis is Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  I take this thyroid med in the am. I start with 30 mg for 3 days, bump up to 60 mg for three days, bump up another 30mg, repeat until my pulse gets too high.  Then I scale back until I get to the right dosage.  The meds have to come from a compound pharmacy, so they won't be here until next week.  My insurance didn't cover them, but it was only $70, which is do-able.  Next month they should come from my regular pharmacy and can be billed to my insurance then.  (I guess there is a shortage, which is why it can only come from certain pharmacies right now.) 

And that is the medical situation for another day. 

Big Love Recap at Pajiba by Yours Truly!

Big Love Recap S4 E1


Do  you ever have moments where you just don't know how you feel?  I know that I feel something, I'm just not sure what.  I'm not really happy, exactly, but I'm not sad.  I'm not upset about anything but I don't feel super zen, either.  I'm not very energetic, but I'm not sloth-like.  I'm not up or down or left or right.  I'm not...anything.  Shouldn't I be something? I want to be something.  Maybe I'm anxious, since I'm worried about something as weird as this.

Going to the Doctor...Yay?

My doctor appointment has been moved up to Thursday.  On the one hand, yay, the sooner the better.  On the other hand, I am not looking forward to it at all.  Last time I went in it was all, take these supplements and continue on the medicine that has done nothing beneficial for you and we'll see how it goes in another month.  I totally cried on the way home because I am so sick of dealing with these issues and I knew that it wasn't going to change.  And I was right.  Nothing has changed, the hormone cream hasn't helped at all.  I am just afraid I'm going to go in and they will again make me wait and I'll get all depressed.  I just want to feel like a normal person, is that really so much to ask?  I bet if my doctor was the one that had no sex drive, he'd right quick have that fixed.


Still sick, which means I hate pretty much everything.  I'm playing on the internet and the Wii.  I have five more days to beat Super Mario Galaxy before Movie Gallery demands it back.  I'm also working on my recap, so I'm not going to post here much.  Of course, no one reads my blog, so I doubt it's an issue.  Just stating it for the record.

Turkey Chili Recipe

1lb Ground Turkey
1 Packet Chili Seasoning
1 Can Kidney Beans
1 Can Chili Beans
1 Can Black Beans
1 Can Tomato Paste
1 Can Tomato Sauce

Brown turkey in a pan, toss everything into a crockpot for about 3 hours on low.  Alternately, you could put everything in a large soup/stock pot on the stove on low for a few hours. It's good, healthy and easy.


Noggin is awesome.  It's got some great shows, like Olivia and Backyardigans, it's always on and it has the bets commercials.  Seriously, I love the Noggin commercials!  The tagline is "What if life were more like preschool?' There's one where it looks like a press conference and a guy comes to the podium and does a show and tell with his hot lips phone.  Another one is a surgery room and it pans in and they are doing arts and crafts.  My favorite one, though, is where a bunch of mechanics are sitting in a circle and this older guy is reading to them about cars stuff and one woman says 'Read it again!'.  So awesome.