What does this blog need more of? Pictures!

Little TWoP fell off the swing into the mud.  And I laughed, because I am mean.


In case you missed it, I hate snow.  A lot.  The first snow of the year is fine.  It's new, it's novel, it's pretty.  Then it melts and it's slushy and muddy and ugly and useless.  Where I live you can have three inches of snow in the morning (that's a good size snow) and have it gone by 2pm.  This year we have had 325% more snow than normal.  It's snowing right now.  My birthday is in four days (but who's counting?) and I want no more snow for the rest of the year.  (Thanks in advance!)

Big Love Recap at Pajiba!

Season 4b Episode 6

If you're not watching, you should be.  This was one of the best episodes ever and Matt Ross needs an Emmy for his portrayal of Alby.

Read and comment, friends!

In other news

I've been feeling strange for the past two days.  I have this weird feeling in my chest, almost a pressure, which generally means a panic attack is near.  My mind is fairly clear and I don't feel mentally scattered or anxious, but I heed the signs when they come.  I hit the gym today for a major workout and did 50 minutes of cardio and lifted.  I feel sane again and I think I may have prevented a panic attack.  (Hope!)

Kids These Days...

My daughter just took off her diaper, put it in the linen closet and ran past me saying 'How do I look?  As she ran past her dad he said 'You look naked.'