The eyes have it...

Before and After

he first two photos are me at 175lbs. I last weighed that much in Jan. 2009. The last is me November 2009,  running my first 5k at 135 lbs.

I need more time or more ambition.

I've been thinking about starting an adjacent blog for book and TV reviews.

When I was a kid I wrote reviews of every Clarissa Explains It All episode in a notebook and in college I started a journal of every book I read.  (I made it to fifty before I got bored of it.)

Now that I think about it, I'm not posting here as much as I had planned, so dividing my attention would be dumb.  Maybe I'll try a few reviews/recaps and see if I like it first.

FYI- Right now I'm reading 'Columbine' by Dave Cullen and I'd probably review Parenthood as my first TV review.