Thyroid Update!

So far I have tons more energy and I feel happier.  I also feel more alert, like I know what's going on more and I'm more aware of my life.  The downside to the energy is that I hurt the hell out of my shoulder and I'm not supposed to do anything on it for awhile.  That's some nice irony right there.

Online Work

I do a little freelance writing here and there.  Last year I made $24 writing on the net.  Which is pretty much nothing, but it's more than I had when I started. 

I write for eHow, which is my favorite.  The articles are short and easy to do and I love the residual income.  I get paid smaller amounts in the long term, rather than upfront set amounts.  I also write for Constant Content, which is good too.  The articles are longer and more polished, but you set your own amount per article and they take a percentage for the site fee.  I need to write more for them, but since the articles are longer and more polished, they take longer. 

I also write for Pajiba, but I do that for free and for the awesome exposure. 

I started fooling around on the net years ago and what gave me the confidence to agree to write for Pajiba and to start a blog and write for pay is posting on sites.  I have a handful of sites I comment regularly on and it really improved my writing skills and gave me an idea of what people like to read.  The more people commented on what I read, the more I wanted to get people to comment.  I'm pretty proud of all my writing and commenting.

If you see me commenting as TWoP Fan, say hi.

Pajiba Big Love Recap

Big Love S4 E2 recap - The Greater Good

I am so dedicated.

I did something horrendous to my shoulder and it's swollen, hot to the touch and hurts like hell.  I've been mainlining Ibuprofen and Icyhot with no major relief.  Thank god That 70's Show and early 90210 are on to ease my pain.

I'm also managing to play on the Internet, even though it is my right shoulder and I have to keep my arm at my side at all times to avoid excruciating pain.  I believe I deserve a dedicated blogger award.  More readers would be a fabulous reward, FYI.

So far...nothing.

It's day three of the thyroid meds.  I sort of felt like I had more energy today, but it could be a placebo effect.  I'm trying not to obsess about it but A) I'm obsessive and B) I'm supposed to take my pulse a few times a day to make sure it's not too high, so it's not like I stop thinking about it. 

In other news, I need to do a final check of my Big Love recap and that's done for the week.  I've been a bot more active with my writing, which has been great.  Doing these recaps has been great for giving me a nice little hobby.  I'm considering recapping something else for this site when Big Love goes on hiatus. 

I'm pretty shocked I'm still blogging, to be honest.  I'm treating it like a journal, which is helping and I like the idea of people paying attention to me via my writing.  Oh hell, I just like the idea of attention.

What else?  I'm crazy hungry lately.  I've gotten bad at planning my meals and about snacking whenever.  I'm still maintaining my weight loss, but I worry it will come back if I keep this up.  One thing I wonder about with the new medicine is if it will cause anymore weight loss or maybe make it a little easier to maintain what I have already lost.  Guess we'll see.