Online Work

I do a little freelance writing here and there.  Last year I made $24 writing on the net.  Which is pretty much nothing, but it's more than I had when I started. 

I write for eHow, which is my favorite.  The articles are short and easy to do and I love the residual income.  I get paid smaller amounts in the long term, rather than upfront set amounts.  I also write for Constant Content, which is good too.  The articles are longer and more polished, but you set your own amount per article and they take a percentage for the site fee.  I need to write more for them, but since the articles are longer and more polished, they take longer. 

I also write for Pajiba, but I do that for free and for the awesome exposure. 

I started fooling around on the net years ago and what gave me the confidence to agree to write for Pajiba and to start a blog and write for pay is posting on sites.  I have a handful of sites I comment regularly on and it really improved my writing skills and gave me an idea of what people like to read.  The more people commented on what I read, the more I wanted to get people to comment.  I'm pretty proud of all my writing and commenting.

If you see me commenting as TWoP Fan, say hi.
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