I left this comment on a blog and it says a lot about me and who I am. I want to remember it, so here it is.

I went to a public high school and debated all four years (I’m 29 now). As a timid, unfocused freshman, in debate I found friends that were like-minded people, I gained confidence and still love speaking to a room. I learned about the world, policies, the government, critical thinking, philosophy and other topics I might never have come across otherwise. Most importantly to me, my love of new things and learning was encouraged and respected, rather than diminished. I never won any trophies, but I wouldn’t trade those days in debate for anything. Some of the best times of my life were spent there.

The post where I try to gain followers by talking about Kate Gosselin.

So, here's a post where I talk about one of the more goofy things that I follow/pay attention to/post about on the Internet. (This is why my blog isn't known to my family and friends, except the husband.)

I hang out at a couple of pro-Kate Gosselin websites. I'm not a super fan or anything, but I liked how she was really organized during the first episodes and how she's got kind of a dry, sarcastic humor to her. I'm sure she's not always a nice person (neither am I) and she does things that don't include her children (me too) and she works outside of the home in a job many people envy (me too, kinda). 

It seems that people are up in arms because she (and it's always she, never she and Jon, you know, the other parent) made her money exploiting her children.  Which, okay, if you think kids on reality TV is wrong, fine. Why aren't you bitching about the Gosselins or Tori and Dean?

What? The Duggars aren't belittiling their husbands on TV? Oh, wait, you said it was about the kids. Some of the Duggar kids have been born on TV. I doubt they gave consent. Why aren't you pissed about that?

Oh, now it's because Kate didn't same money for the kids? Well, I haven't seen a statement from the Duggars saying they did. And if they did, splitting the kids' share 19 ways isn't much money for anyone.  Why isn't that a problem?
I hate to break it to you, but Tori and Dean make most of their money from filming their family and putting their kids on TV. You can see their kids having freak outs and, horrors!, potty training.  Dean does two made-for-TV movies a year and Tori does some jewelry and a few TV cameos. She admitted in her book (which mentions her kiids! Shame!) that she blew through her 90210 cash and her dad didn't leave her much in the way of money, especially with their lifestyle. All of their money comes from filming them with their kids.  They have a nanny, like the Gosselins, they have fights, like the Gosselins, they are estranged from family, like the Gosselins.  Yet, no one seems to be calling CPS trying to take away their kids under the guise of 'protecting' them.  Funny, that. 

Demand Studios

I know I don't post as much as I used to, but I've started writing for a place called Demand Studios, so that's taking up much of my writing time.  I've made $30 this week writing for them, so that's awesome. I didn't make much with eHow, but I made some cash, about $2-3 a month.  I like Demand Studios because I can just choose a title (I am bad at picking topics and at titling things) and they pay a flat fee, which is much more gratifying.  It's kind of annoying having to go throuhg a copy editor, but so far everything has been approved with just a rewrite and since I'm new, that's not a big deal. The copy editors have been professional so far and never brisk or rude. I hope to keep writing, not for any major cash or anything, just enough to buy a book or a online game or something once in a while.  If I make $50 a month, I can use my paypal to pay my water bill, and that would certainly make it worthwhile, no?