The post where I try to gain followers by talking about Kate Gosselin.

So, here's a post where I talk about one of the more goofy things that I follow/pay attention to/post about on the Internet. (This is why my blog isn't known to my family and friends, except the husband.)

I hang out at a couple of pro-Kate Gosselin websites. I'm not a super fan or anything, but I liked how she was really organized during the first episodes and how she's got kind of a dry, sarcastic humor to her. I'm sure she's not always a nice person (neither am I) and she does things that don't include her children (me too) and she works outside of the home in a job many people envy (me too, kinda). 

It seems that people are up in arms because she (and it's always she, never she and Jon, you know, the other parent) made her money exploiting her children.  Which, okay, if you think kids on reality TV is wrong, fine. Why aren't you bitching about the Gosselins or Tori and Dean?

What? The Duggars aren't belittiling their husbands on TV? Oh, wait, you said it was about the kids. Some of the Duggar kids have been born on TV. I doubt they gave consent. Why aren't you pissed about that?

Oh, now it's because Kate didn't same money for the kids? Well, I haven't seen a statement from the Duggars saying they did. And if they did, splitting the kids' share 19 ways isn't much money for anyone.  Why isn't that a problem?
I hate to break it to you, but Tori and Dean make most of their money from filming their family and putting their kids on TV. You can see their kids having freak outs and, horrors!, potty training.  Dean does two made-for-TV movies a year and Tori does some jewelry and a few TV cameos. She admitted in her book (which mentions her kiids! Shame!) that she blew through her 90210 cash and her dad didn't leave her much in the way of money, especially with their lifestyle. All of their money comes from filming them with their kids.  They have a nanny, like the Gosselins, they have fights, like the Gosselins, they are estranged from family, like the Gosselins.  Yet, no one seems to be calling CPS trying to take away their kids under the guise of 'protecting' them.  Funny, that. 
3 Responses
  1. Deborah Says:

    I find it funny too. Myself I really don't care about what any of these family's chose to do. Its there life. Why the Gosselin's are the only ones that need beheaded I'll never know. Oh that's right its about the kids.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It worked, I am reading here again. I wanted to comment on other posts from awhile ago, but I didn't have an official screen name back then.

    I like your stuff, Crown Princess, especially. I applaud your hard work at weight loss, and appreciate your standing up for beautiful women everywhere. I get sick of reading a bunch of jealous cows berating Kate for looking good and making money. Ugh!

  3. ZiggyFlo Says:

    Where's the women's movement on the Duggars where they don't believe in higher education for the girls? Where was the outrage when Jon got up on TV and said he loved his mistress more than his wife? Oh, I could point out another zillion things as all of those who like, get Kate, in spite of Kate's faults. I'm glad I have people in my life who like me even though I'm far from perfect.