Going to the Doctor...Yay?

My doctor appointment has been moved up to Thursday.  On the one hand, yay, the sooner the better.  On the other hand, I am not looking forward to it at all.  Last time I went in it was all, take these supplements and continue on the medicine that has done nothing beneficial for you and we'll see how it goes in another month.  I totally cried on the way home because I am so sick of dealing with these issues and I knew that it wasn't going to change.  And I was right.  Nothing has changed, the hormone cream hasn't helped at all.  I am just afraid I'm going to go in and they will again make me wait and I'll get all depressed.  I just want to feel like a normal person, is that really so much to ask?  I bet if my doctor was the one that had no sex drive, he'd right quick have that fixed.
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