I hate writing titles

I don't know what my blogging voice is.  I thought I would pick a topic and write on it, like parenting or health.  The problem is, I do a lot of things and a lot of stuff happens to me (okay, not really) and I like to talk about a bunch of different stuff.  So I don't know what I'm trying to say with my blog, but so far no one is reading, so it's okay.

In other news:

I did get my haircut and after the first day of insecurity, I adore it.  It's cute, easy to style and it's much more versatile than I thought short hair would be. I keep flipping it around like a dork. 

The potty training thing stalled out.  She was so not into it.  She's started talking about going potty, so I think in a week when Mr. TWoP has some time off, we'll try again.

It snowed last night.  I hate snow.

Confession: I am watching 7th Heaven right now.  I'm that cool.
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