Schedule Interrupted

It's  3:30 Monday afternoon and I still haven't seen the new Big Love.  I was going to watch it this morning but my boss called from out of the blue and wanted me to come and walk the store with him.  Since he comes into town every two months or so, I have to find the time for him.

Then I was going to watch it after lunch.  Except my grandma called and needed someone to haul a door for her.  So I took Jeff's truck and took care of it.  (I love my grandma.) Then we get home and Hannah is starving, so we're eating and watching Kai-lan.  I'm going to try and watch some of it when Jeff gets home from work, but that only gives me an hour until aerobics.  I suspect I'll watch it tonight and recap tomorrow.

In other news, my shoulder feels better and my doctor STILL hasn't called to tell me what my xrays said.  I'm guessing it is a pulled tendon, since it's still swollen but the pain is lessening.  It'd be nice if those $500 dollar xrays turn out to be useful, though.  I'd at least like to know what they showed.  I think my doctor tells the staff to call me and they don't because this lack of communication has happened before.  If she wasn't so nice, I'd be all over another doctor.  Damn her bedside manner!

Oh yeah, Brad and Angie might be on the outs.  Not even Jen Aniston cares at this point.
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