TWoP Fan's CBR-III Review #13 – EnglishTrifle by Josi S. Kilpack

This is the second book in a series of books based on the concept of having a recipe/cooking theme. The only problem is that A) Diane Motts Davidson did it better starting about a decade ago and B) these books suck.

I hated the first book, as previously documented, but I thought it might just be a rough start to a series. That perhaps as the writer found the character's voice, the bad aspects (the only aspects) might mellow out and the character might become more palatable. Nope. She's still the most irritating character I've read in years and I'm a sucker.

This book takes out crappy anti-heroine, Sadie Hoffmiller, to England with her daughter Brianna. Brianna, shockingly, is smart, funny and not a nosy busybody like her mother. Unfortunately, she does enable her irritating busybody mother into getting into the middle of things that are none of her business. This woman thinks she needs to be a part of everything, ever. Even the meal preparation. I was actaully pleased because this awful woman's crumpets failed. I don't care about crumpets or the murder or anything, I just like to see this nasty, nosy woman have bad things happen to her. She gets trapped in a walk-in cooler with a dead body and that was easily the highlight of the book.

Rating: Do NOT read this book. You will regret it. Or hey, read this book, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm not her to judge.
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