"Good morning! Let's cut your hours, mmm-kay?"

So you know how everyone says 'Oh, I'd NEVER sell my kids childhood for money! Oh, I couldn't put a price our privacy!' Well, I could.

If some TV channel wanted to hang out and watch us and pay us for it, damn skippy I'd be in. Especially since the first thing that happened to me this morning was my boss (whom I like) calling to tell me they were dropping mr from 25 hours a week to 17 and could I keep the store in the great condition it was in now and never mind that I started this job two years ago with the promise of 30+ hours. That's $480 a month that I've lost in income.

Fortunately, we live under our means and are really good at making things work. But still. They want me to do the same job for less pay. I hate this economy.

I'm going to pick up some more freelancing, with the goal of paying the utilities with it. I think I might need to leave the house to make it work, because something about sitting in the house on the computer screams 'playtime'.
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  1. CraftyMomof3 Says:

    I totally agree with you. I have been doing the same research myself. Good luck. I hope you find something that works.