About Me!

Likes: TV, running, books, reading, the internet, yoga, socks, the color green, sarcasm, ice cream, being warm, waterfalls, helping people, organizing stuff, making lists, Dr. House, self-help books, personal finance, learning things, being clever, Scrabble, earrings, cats, good blogs, dried fruit, independent newspapers, Yahoo! Mail, laptops, curtains, doing research, being weird, internet gossip, voting, doing the right thing, making friends, leaving the house, being responsible, writing blogs no one reads, wraps, watching Psych with Mr. TWoP Fan, baking, Oregon Vanilla Chai packets, having goals, being secretly competitive, automatic spellcheck.

Dislikes: being cold, diet soda, people who are too lazy to answer easy questions, Internet Explorer, realizing I've already read a book I'm halfway through, not having enough time, carrying dogs in purses, really big sunglasses, coffee, the TV being too loud, getting up before six, being short, excess packaging on products, doing the dishes, not voting, people being irresponsible, email forwards, people who don't read what I write, spending a lot of time at the doctors office, when the fridge smells weird, knickknacks.
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