This blog thing...

Okay, blog goals:

1. Be accountable to the larger world (ha). I am going to talk about things I want to do and actually do them.  Probably.

2. Discuss my various and sundry medical issues and conditions.  I can't be the only one who needs medication to function like a normal person.  And now I have an extra-special thyroid condition that just got diagnosed, so I can document it. 

3. Talk about parenting.  We're currently potty training Little TWoP Fan and it blows goats.

4. Talk about stuff I read and watch.  I really, really like TV and I don't really know anyone else who likes it in quite the same way, so now i can have conversations with myself about it!

5. Probably will make fun of someone or something once in a while.

6. Definitely will talk about goofy things that I say/do/think.  Also: goofy things my husband says/does.  (Ooh, need a good alternate name for him.  Mr. TWoP Fan?)

Okay, I think that is more than enough expectations that I may or may not fulfill.
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