Bedtime will commence at 7 sharp...

Okay, so the kid had been having sleep issues.  When it is time for bed she doesn't want to sleep and is up for hours, well past my bedtime.  The problem is with that word bedtime, because the Mr. and I are way to liberal about it.  We've been putting her to bed pretty much when ever it is convenient for us and not paying a lot of attention to naps and how long they are.  Well today I changed all that.  I took the kid for a long walk, kept her from a nap and informed Daddy that we will be having a bath at 6:30, followed by books and bedtime at 7:30.  We are good about giving her a bath and reading, but we are not consistent with the timing at all.  Not to mention, she hasn't been going out nearly as much since it is so much colder here than normal.  I figured getting out of the house for a walk would be good for me too (I loathe the cold and prefer to stay where the nice warm Internet is).  So we talked Aunt C. into going along and walked 7 or so blocks for coffee, then back.  I carried the kiddo half way both ways, but it was still more stimulation than she's been getting. 

You know, I always thought I would be a super-strict parent.  I am pretty disciplined, I like organizing, I plan ahead.  Man, when it comes to the kid, though, I'm just like, 'Whatever, she'll be fine.  It'll work out.'  No more!  There will be planning, there will be order, there will be potty training.

On another parenting note, I talked to the woman who was my nephew's preschool teacher about getting the kiddo in.  She turns 3 in late August, but I figured I should check it out.  She told me to come by next week for an application, because they were filling up.  There's not a waiting list yet, but damn.  It seems early, but I forget that she is 2.5  My husband was like, 'Preschool what? Application who?'  This has no potential for problems AT ALL.
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