Random Confessions

I read stupid, horrible blogs like Gosselins w/o Pity, because I find people who hate that show entertaining.

I listen to goofy music at the gym.  For example: Britney Spears, The Hairspray soundtrack, the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack.

I like gossip.

I am probably addicted to the internet. 

I always want to let people know when I do something awesome.

I sometimes wish I had more friends.

I sometimes wish I was more assertive IRL.

I think about my weight a lot.

I daydream way more than you would imagine.

I sometimes pretend like I don't hear Hannah crying in the middle of the night so Jeff will get her.  I may have nudged his leg to wake him up, once or twice.

I completely believe in bribing kids.  Especially other people's kids.

I used to freak out my sister in the store when we were kids by pretending I didn't know her and saying 'Stranger, stranger!'

I still don't feel bad about it.
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