Dear Lady at the Gym

Oh yes, I know you.  You're the woman who goes to the gym to 'workout'.  I would like to take this time to point out to you that walking around aimlessly while chewing gum is not the most effective workout.  In fact, it's goddamn annoying.  Why? Well, to begin with chewing gum = air in the stomach and can cause some gastrointestinal issues, plus working out while chewing gum makes you look dumb and is a choking hazard.  Although I don't think the choking hazard applies to someone who walks up to a machine, looks at it for a minutes, climbs on, does a half-assed set at the lowest setting, takes her sweet time getting off the machine, then doesn't wipe it down after.  All while other people who have a plan are waiting.  Walking around looking at machines, getting sips of water and 'streching' is not a workout.  It's annoying to people who are there to actually workout. 

And the kicker is that I know that in a few weeks I'll hear you bitching to a friend about how the gym is a rip-off and you aren't losing any weight.  And I will snicker to myself and be glad you're leaving and freeing up machines.  Because I'm not always nice.
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